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Central Payment

Centralized management of
all financial flows

  • СRM-system (micro-banking)
  • Payment with ATM cards
  • PayCar Mobile application developed for our clients with the possibility of cashless refill





Mobile app PAYCAR

  • cashless replenishment VISA, MASTERCARD
  • instant post filling via the application
  • discount card replacement
  • multilevel discount system
  • promo and push notifications
Central Payment Terminal CPT Washercar
(included with Elite)
Holder for floor mats washing
Swivel consoles (pantographs) made of stainless steel Z-shaped
Stainless steel pistols holder
Lighting LED lamps
Car bottom washing
The machine for selling windscreen washer
Stainless steel vacuum cleaner AISI 304 for 2 posts
Tornador equipped Dry cleaner
Steam generator is a non-contact steam cleaning
Treadle operated hand wash
Franchise WashAndGo


Optimal value for money.
– Polycarbonate roof and partitions make car wash to look bright and open.
1. Metal frame: 140x100x4 mm fastened via bolt joints (collapsible), sandblasting preparation, duplex "galvanized with a basecoat", polymeric painting.
2. 10mm polycarbonate arched roof.
3. Partitions: polycarbonate 2 × 4,5 m / (tinted window triplex 8 mm - additional function)
4. Lighting: LED lamps 6x36 W

The project is developed for profit and overall conversion of the self-service car wash. Modern-day designemphasizes the presentable appearance of your self-service car wash.

Cost-saving alternative (или option) of implementing an economy shed for self-service carwash. It has a stylish design and a lighten metal structure.

1. Built-in vandal-proof case made of stainless steel;
2. Industrial computer;
3. Touch-sensitive anti-vandal panel for all-weather work (water, winter, gloves);
4. Bright FullHD 19" monitor;
5. Payment system (accepts ATM cards, equipped with bill acceptor NV-9USB, England, coin receiver Alberici, Italy; contactless customer cards receiver Mifare);
6. Cash check issuing, data transfer - to the tax authorities.

1. Stainless steel vandal-proof case AISI 304
2. Sensory anti-vandal panel for all-weather work (water, winter, gloves)
3. FullHD 22" monitor with increased brightness and wide viewing angle.
4. PAYMENT SYSTEM (bill acceptor NV-9USB, England; coin receiver Alberici, Italy; contactless customer cards receiver, Mifare).
5. WasherCAR management controller, mini PC
6. Climate control system

Made of stainless steel, fitted with peg Small WasherCAR (included in Premium)

Materials: stainless steel. Basic equipment kit.
Strengthened stainless steel swing mechanism ST-320 R + M, Germany, with lateral line introduction and abrasion protected hose

Materials: WasherCAR stainless steel with rubber pistol protection, antifrost is included

LED 6x36 W (included in Premium)

Additional Equipment

With online monitoring support (an additional equipment)
1. AISI304 stainless steelcase, polymer painted.
2. Electronic payment means: acceptance of banknotes, reception of coins, reception of client cards.
3. Pistol and hose for pouring.

With online monitoring support (an additional equipment).
2 turbine, max 6 kWt, VDC service support
Electronic payment means: acceptance of banknotes, coins, bank cards

Stainless steel case AISI304. Rigged with the compressor 100 L and the chemical reagent dosing system.

Online monitoring support (optional)
Stainless steel case AISI304 equipped withsteam generator 6,5 kW, Italy. Electronic payment means: acceptance of banknotes, coins, bank cards

Heating is anadditional equipment.
The case is made of stainless steel used in food processing.

When you buy an equipment from our company, we provide you with the self-service car wash called "Wash and Go", the brand our network is dealing with. During the Wash and Go brand usage, you are getting a promotion strategy for your own car wash, and, more importantly, you will have a ready-made marketing model tested on our own experience.


Kit includes minimal required programs. It was designed for a simpler and more affordable option of car washing service providing. Streamlined version with minimal competition.
4 programs
  • 1. ABT Italy Interpump EB3 250 bar +.
  • 2. 3 types of chemistry supply.
  • 3. Extended payment system: coins, bills, cards.
CLEANER, WATER, FOAM, WAX, Pause / Stop. POSSIBILITY to replace the Cleaner program with an option from the list:
Premium foam, Shampoo, Warm water, Osmosis, TurboPressure, Air, Bug Remains Remover, Discs, Brush.
The programs "Warm water", "Osmosis", "Air", "Brush", "Turbo-Pressure" require an additional equipment.
Kit allows you to add 4 more programs to the BASE kit. Increasing of car wash functionality is built based on the Basic set of equipmentAn excellent choise with a limited budget.
4+4 programs
  • 1. 5 types of chemistry supply.
  • 2. Equipped with built-in climate control system.
  • 3. Contactless cards PayCAR.
Premium foam, Shampoo, Warm water, Osmosis, Turbo Pressure, Air, Bug Remains Remover, Discs, Brush.
The programs "Warm water", "Osmosis", "Air", "Brush", "Turbo pressure" require additional equipment.
The top-of-the-line ELITE set offers a fundamentally different availability to combine equipment and additional systems. This Kit attracts all the categories of customers, andprovides the highest competitiveness.
Top-set includes:
  • 1. Sensor panels.
  • 2. An ergonomic frame designs..
  • 3. ALREADY INCLUDED: a system of reverse osmosis; frequency regulation; VDC service; "Antifrost Plus"
CLEANER, WATER, FOAM, WAX, Premium foam, Shampoo, Warm water, Osmosis, Turbo Pressure, Air, Bug Remains Remover, Discs, Brush.
The programs "Warm water", "Air", "Brush" require additional equipment.



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Customers Bonus System
Your regulars' cards could be accrued with the bonus credits the customer can apply on the next use - this motivates your client to choose your car wash services rather than your competitors’.
Cleaning Materials Savings
Our efficient chemicals supply system developed especially for the WASHERCAR reduces detergent expenses by 25-30%. This system helps car wash’s owner to save on detergents, coatings, polishes, and makes the WASHERCAR equipment more competitive.
Extensive Experience (или Long-Term Experience)
We use only software developed in-house, which allows us to make flexible and customized adjustments to the facilities upon customer's requests.
Fully implemented Payment System
Standard features: banknotes, coins, tokens. Paying with bank cards significantly increases inflow of money to the car wash cashbox. Loyalty cards allow you to make best use of client's money and maintain a balance, attract corporate clients and contribute to the loyalty programs realization. Сard refilling via management module improves the service and increases your profits. Contactless Mifare loyalty cards are based on the NFC technology with cryptosecurity what makes them impossible to hack.
Guarantee Service
The company provides a full range of self-service car wash maintenance services: 24/7 tech support; components are stored at our own warehouses; and the most important thing is our extensive experience in the operation of our own network of self-service car wash Wash and GO brand we will be happy to share with you. All these services allow us to fullfill our garantee obligations quickly and qualitatively.
Full Compliance with the UkrainianLegislation
We have already implemented this function of data transfer as well as issuing checks to the client at your convenience
Payment System PayCar
New secure payment system (similar to a banking system) based on the Central Payment Terminal (CPT) provides a unique functionality and a number of advantages to your car washcustomersFor you we have a full transactionrecords; cloud-based CRM system; detailed client base; access to the status of your customers' accounts, direct management of the multi-level discount programs and much more - all of these features create new, modern and improved service.
Cleaning Materials Savings
Our efficient chemicals supply system developed especially for the WASHERCAR equipment reduces such expenses by 25-30%. This system allows a car wash's owner to significantly decrease detergents consumption and makes the WASHERCAR equipment more successful in terms of business profitability
Sensor Technologies
A modern way of providing services to the client. An interactive menu allows you to easily navigate and choose the necessary program and emphasizes the status of your car wash.
Allows an owner to run his business from anywhere in the world, even from the phone. An online VDC monitoring system is specifically developed for our self-service car washes. It is atool for the full financial control of the car wash. Cloud Vending Data Center provides complete data privacy. TECHNICAL MONITORING allows you to track the current capacities filling, indicators of pressure, temperature, track energy resources, posts technical condition, etc.
Our Own Software
We use only software we have developed in-house, which allows us to make flexible adjustments to the equipment operations depending on customers' needs. We keep our development practices up to date, and the software has the following features, such as: single-board PC controller management (OS Linux), data records clould services, PayCar payment system, mobile application, CRM and much more.
When you buy an equipment from our company, we are offering you the Wash and Go brand for free: you get a royalty free ready-made marketing model tested on our own experience. That saves you approximately $2,000 for branding and marketing strategy development.


The VendService group of companies was founded in 2009 and in a short term became the leading vending equipment manufacturer in the CIS countries.

The group includes the company called ‘WasherCAR’, specialized in selling self-service car washes, and the ‘Wash and GO’ brand by which franchising services are provided.

Our team of 20+ highly qualified engineers, designers and marketers can solve any technical request in timely and quality manner.

As is known, the fair amount of new technologies come to us from the West and the business of self-service car washes is no exception. European countries came to a point it is better to wash your car yourself than entrust this to ordinary car washes' workers, as they normally show low level work quality. A few years ago, the CIS countries had no idea of self-service car washes or did not take such options seriously enough, yet things have been changed, and today self-service car washes appear in many cities across Ukraine as well.

Owning a car wash is a great opportunity for an investment, as it completely changes the market of classical (manual) washes, what has already implemented in developed countries a long ago. For example, Germany has a variety of self-service washes (portal, tunnel), yet only a few few ordinary car washes left.

Self-service car wash’s profitabilityis a sure thing: the market isgrowing, the number of vehiclesincreases every day, especially the allocation of cars registered abroad. According to the Ukrainian Fiscal Service, 911,000 of cars had been transported to Ukraine, and 138,000 of that cars are remaining in the country, which is 2.6x more than number of cars transported to and remained in the country in comparison with the same period last year. This allows us to suggest further growth of the Ukrainian car market.

Main benefits:

First, the name "self-service wash" speaks for itself. This means that you wash your car yourself, you choose the services that are necessary for you, and this is the first advantage of that business. You can always be confident in the washing results (if the car washing technology has been maintained). It is an old saying “If you want a thing well done, do it yourself”. Second, it is a normal practice that car wash operates 24 hours a day. And it is a great advantage for both clients and owners.

You should not pay for the workers’ services, and this, of course, is advantageous as well. All work is replaced wiht the only one operator, which will be there to help client and give some recommendations if it is needed.

We in our turn are offering to potential investor our modern technologies for automation of this business in accordance to the international standards. It is our job to create an appropriate balance between the quality and your budget.

Therefore, our 10 years of experience in car washes sales and service gives a WasherCAR customer a wide range of freebenefits:

• Help with selection of an appropriate business plan, considering customer's needs and capabilities
• Guaranteed system launching
• 24/7 technical support provided by highly qualified engineers
• 12 months of guaranteed service maintainance
• Supplies of detergents and shampoos for car washing at producers’ price
• Qualified support from the moment of customer request and during the whole period of car wash operation, and much more.